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#### We believe in accessible care for every patient OnlineMD is a telehealth platform that connects you to a licensed provider in minutes. We provide the easiest and most convenient way for you to access quality care and get certified. ___ #### We believe that healthcare should be universal. See a doctor or licensed therapist via virtual consultation using your phone or any device. Your information is secure and protected by HIPAA and the average time a patient waits to be seen on our platform is 3 minutes.

We believe in research. We believe in science. We believe in empowering you with information.

We dedicate much of our time to researching telemedicine medical potential. Whether it’s scientific studies, patient stories or good old-fashioned detective work, OnlineMD takes part in order to solve accessible care for everyone.

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I am so impressed with this platform! My patients, mostly elderly with co-morbid conditions, are the most vulnerable in this epidemic. It has allowed me to continue to provide screenings and follow-up care to our high-risk patients.

Lisa MichelAPN, Cardiology

I have been a pediatrician for over 25 years. Telemedicine has helped my patients immensely. It’s meant they can get the care they need it even if they can’t get to our clinic.

Dr. Lewis JasseyPediatrician